An experimental game being developed in Unity for two players, voice-chat, a move controller and a blind fold.

Download v0.1


In Séance ‘player one’ of course finds themselves in a typical horror situation; they can hear horrible monsters pacing the maze-like corridors all around them. Unfortunately for them they can’t see anything at all and must use sound to position themselves carefully. In their hands they hold a conduit to the ‘other side’; the raising of which players quickly learn temporarily allows them to hear whispers.
These whispers come from a second ghostly player’s voice chat, a spectre tied to P1’s corporeal body, but who has a top-down view of what’s happening. The higher raised the conduit, the clearer the voice. P2 can see where the monsters are and, if the window between worlds is open, he can guide P1. There is no direct communication back and forth, P1 can only signal through use of the conduit. Unfortunately raising the conduit to listen also allows the monsters to start to sense the whereabouts of the players, proving a dangerous tool that must be carefully balanced.
If found P1 will need to run for his life, and P2 better hope his chance at redemption isn’t lost with him. While exploring together P2 uncovers pieces of narrative, often about his own past, or possibly other ghostly characters he can converse with. All of this can be communicated to P1 if he so wishes who doesn’t know if any information is reliable or if all of it is being made up.