Will you call me when you get there.


Will you call me when you get there is a 2D platformer in which the player runs around circular worlds and using their gravity jumping from one to another with the ultimate goal to find themselves again. The slow deliberate pace, the gradual camera, along with the music (currently a placeholder) and unique art style create an odd but strong atmosphere. The visuals consist of different levels of abstract art, created by Emily Green, of which all the game elements, the player, the worlds, etc. are only visible by their absence, being cut out of the front layer.

Players must become adept at platforming as the game continues as the worlds begin moving, orbiting and even splitting and merging like cells. Players must follow the direction of the sound as it gets louder until they find what they are looking for, a glimpse of a creature like themselves. These can be fleeting and the search may begin anew. Gradually these sounds become musical and less synthetic as the game continues.

We are the universe manifest, trying to understand gaze upon itself.