Seeking Low Poly 3D & Procedural Artist, April 2015

Looking for artists to fill a part-time or full-time position for up to 60 days paid work beginning in April next year. An experimental weird mobile game combining interactive & generative art with a sweet lil story that plays out over real days. This would be a remote position with regular check-in things, and as such being in a close time-zone to GMT is a plus. Additionally you have to be okay with invoicing, etc. 
Particularly looking for low poly 3d artists but open to anything with a distinct style.

- Experience developing games yourself or using Unity is a plus.
- Experience procedurally manipulating art doubly triply so!

Preferably contact me by email, dreamfeeel at gmail.com, if interested or seeking further information. Please include examples of work, playable ones are even better!

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested. <3



CURTAIN is an interactive first-pereson narrative about Kaci & Ally, two women in a Glasgow punk band, which explores the complexities of an abusive relationship.

Through a vivid impressionistic art style players embody Ally to explore the physical spaces of her relationship, and how it evolves in time. From the detritus players find they can piece together the story while Kaci, your partner and inescapable narrator, watches and comments on every thought and action, creating a overwhelming, stifling atmosphere

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to finish, the game will exit itself.  

 (cw: non-explicit themes of abuse)

- AMaze 2015's Grand Prize for The Most Amazing Game
- Honorable mention for IGF 2015 in the categories of 'Excellence in Narrative' & 'Nuovo' (experimentation)
- Nominated for Best Game Script for the upcoming Writers Guild of Ireland awards
- Selected for Different Games 2015
- Selected for Indiecade 2014
- Selected for QGCon 2014
- Selected for numerous GOTY lists such as Chris Priestman's, Lana Polansky, Zolani Stewart, Christine Love, Isometric Podcast, and more

"Curtain is less a cautionary tale and more a cathartic exploration of a terrible, complex situation. It's real-life horror, with a "monster" that's infinitely more complicated and human than anything in fiction... dreamfeeel's observations are so dead-on that they broke my heart". - Danielle Riendeau, Polygon

"You know this is going to happen from the start... The trash of adolescence is all around and your relationship is just as grim". - Chris Priestman, KillScreen

 "what counts the most, is that if you don't go through all the dramatic hardships, the game will keep on running forever." - Luca Colosso, creepygaming.net 

"Curtain is, above all, an exploration of abusive relationships.. the frailty with which we attempt to block out just the parts of people we don't like, until they are too lurid to obscure." - Chloi Rad, IndieGames.com

"if I were @dreamfeeel’s mom and just played curtain I would be like 'wow that was really creative' " -  @kevinthr

Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or feedback! :3 
dreamfeeel at gmail

Writing, Feel, Art, Sound - Llaura Nikii

Special Thanks - John O'Kane, Alice Maz, George Buckenham, Chris Gregan, Lilith, Stephen Murphy, Liz Ryerson, Kitty Horrorshow, Dave Lordan, Charlene Putney

Midnight Cassette by Frank Nora (edited by Llaura)
Occasion For War by Rations (edited by Llaura)

Train Song

A 7 minute train journey.
Sound & Music: 
- Ronan Quigley / @RonanDQuigley
A selection of v. v. nice things people have said:
"nothing if not elusive... a strangely decorated exercise in epistemology." - Chris Priestman, KillScreen
"transcendant... like listening to some alternative, esoteric artist’s new track for the first time..." - Adam Paris, IndieStatik
"...car pourquoi ne serait-ce pas à nous, après tout, de choisir où mène cette locomotive?" - Pierrec, l'Oujevipo
"This is interesting. I am sure there is some secret in this game, but I can't figure it out exactly. " - Griztimqwo, GameJolt
"Materials demarcate realities–FMV turns to a paper train full of clay people... dreamlike." - Porpentine, RockPaperShotgun

a lit window

Read: a lit window

"Squint skyward and listen-"

Six people, one cold night. It started at the Dublin Twine & Jam with the theme 'Flirt', in and around organizing the event and helping people. I finished the story the following weekend in Donegal. 

Designed for a 1600x900 resolution & Google Chrome. Some minor bugs in other browsers. Thanks! <3

IGF Trailers

On the Thursday night before the IGF deadline, and after a few drinks, I decided 'fuck everything' and that I would attempt to get at least a trailer finished for the competition after all. I had previously given up and felt pretty awful about the prior month (most of the actual work just involved a couple small games which are neat and some writing). With new motivation, I pulled it all together a little and submitted. Right now this is 'It Clicks'; the name seems to change faster than I can type it.

I'm unsure about the video quality, Youtube - even in HD - isn't quite friendly to it, but it was nice to stake a marker of the game's development into the ground. Indie Statik noticed it and Cactus! It also continued my IGF submitting streak for the third year, so with that in mind I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the other games I've entered in the past and whether that might illuminate over two years of making games.

Lots more thoughts on old IGF entries through the jump.

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"The cat is fine but sad" - Doctor Drown, substance abuse and the death of mechanics.

Doctor Drown (Ph D) was my second dare Ludum Dare entry (Bayou my first), my second doing it with Sam too, and probably my 5th/6th game jam where I finished something. You play a corny 60's Super Villain who floods his chambers with sharks. Simple. I'm happy to have made it, but I definitely learned a few lessons I thought I should already know. So let's start with that so we can end positively.

What went wrong:

A focus on mechanics, AGAIN. I've become increasingly disinterested with game mechanics, at least the traditional forms of them, beyond being a means to an end, and the real lasting appeal of digital attractions for me is in their sustance. By 'substance' I don't mean "hours of content" or even exactly a thematic total but the volume, maybe density, of detail/love/personality/experience/gamestuff/expression/ units of resonance a game contains. Expression might be a good word actually. Often things that have no functional reason to be there. Example! Earthbound & Mother 3 are full of it. The black & the white pixels you can talk to or don't in the desert, that's substance. In Problem Attic, the entire game is built upon distorted memories and methaphor, everything drips substance. In Stephen Lavelle's Missing the world is full of characters despite them all saying the same thing, no they haven't seen your son, and every character is aching substance. It's not necessarily textual either. In Proteus, the standing the stones, the crabs, the owl, the abstact reactive music itself is all substance. So, a fairly ill-defined, nebulous idea so far but an idea all the same. Strange. Funny. Heartrending.

Way more through the link.

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Doctor Drown (Ph. D)

Doctor Drown was created by myself & Sam Gross for Ludum Dare 27 over three days with the theme of 'Ten Seconds'. Read the readme, or below!


Ludum Dare page

The monitors for each floor have been mixed around, right click two monitors to swap them. Left click an adjacent room to a flooded room to move the water from one to the other (to the left, right, or below).

Doctor Drown is known for one thing, shark tank torture. Also probably his evil underwater lair. Two things. His love of shark based torture and his vast underwater lair. And the cat. Fine, three!

Follow the agents on your lair's monitors and drown them in sharks before they reach you. Featuring, honest-to-goodness, three whole different endings. WOW.

Game - Tympanum & Sam Gross
Music - Come Spy With Me by Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra